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New Feature: Fixed inability en route for remap camera input control.

Tradutor espanhol blueprint gaming - 56106
Tradutor espanhol blueprint gaming - 762137

Fixed non-police ships including player-owned ships sometimes responding en route for calls for police assistance. It differs from the blueprint, the windows are sealed. Fixed EMP-induced gesticulate leaks on unowned small and medium ships claiming them for the actor when scanned. Fixed keyboard and gamepad selection not working in scrolling dropdown elements. Linux support is on its way:

28 de janeiro

Fixed police ships attempting en route for scan surface elements for illegal goods. Fixed laser towers continuing to chase targets that are denial longer valid. Fixed lasertowers spawning in wrong location when deployed from Best. Fixed station-based trading ships setting their current faja as their home faja rather than their station's sector. Fixed issue resulting in data leaks sometimes appearing inside station modules. This will make it easier than ever for players to try absent some of the before now existing cool X4 mods!

Tradutor espanhol blueprint gaming - 47599

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    09.09.2019 : 00:20

    Isso é coisa de Mario ou de Quadro!